About Diane

Diane didn’t understand why her adolescent aptitude test reported that she should be a mechanic until she had The Mattes Method as a tool!  Now it makes perfect sense.  She instinctively analyzes movement, and with AIS+S, she can help anyone optimize their potential for movement. Diane enjoys working with Olympic and professional athletes, and anyone with a good attitude.

Diane Waye has over 26,000 hours of clinical experience – including over 3,000 hrs with Aaron Mattes! She also has over 2000 hrs of training in Anusara Yoga (including a year-long teacher training intensive)and a decade of teaching group exercise and working as a personal trainer.

Since 1997, Diane Waye has worked closely with Aaron Mattes.  Diane loves restoring freedom of movement with AIS and teaching others how to do so too! She is Lead Practitioner and Director of Education for StretchingbytheBay. Diane is a teacher for the Mattes Certification, and also provides CE for ACE and NCBTMB.  Diane has taught AIS at Esalen – check the Events page, as she have a seminar coming up in San Francisco.

“Bodies are meant to move freely and joyfully!  Reduced range of motion often equals pain; by restoring functional range of motion and strength we enhance ability and ease of movement.  It is my pleasure and honor to assist you with your goals, whether for athletic excellence or healing.  I believe in our ability to heal, because I’ve seen (and assisted) with so many “miraculous” shifts…”

Diane has 30 years experience empowering people with healthy fitness.  Come see what the buzz is about!

 ~ diane@StretchingbytheBay.com ~