Athletes! PR

Practice doesn’t make perfect – perfect practice makes perfect!

Strength throughout Range of Motion (ROM) makes power possible.

How can you strengthen throughout your optimal range of motion if you haven’t yet accessed your optimal ROM?  Simply put – you cannot.  AIS can access your optimal ROM so you can achieve your potential.  Every athlete with whom I have worked has improved or PRed.  (Every athlete even close to their prime has PRed while working with me for sure!)

Hands-on assisted AI Stretching + education in self-care can free you up to reach your potential.

Elasticity, neuro-myo-fascial education, responsive tissues, DOMs clean-up, and feeling great are all inherent to an appropriate AIS program.  Diane Waye is the top West Coast practitioner & teacher of AIS and would love to help you achieve your potential.

Want to run faster, jump higher, be stronger, play better?  Seriously?  Don’t let ROM issues get in your way.  You know how important follow through is to a throw or swing… Do you wonder how much more effective you could be?

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