Do you teach your clients self-care?
Yes, I encourage people to learn how to stretch (& strengthen) themselves properly w/ The Mattes Method on their own;
I aim to teach 2-5 new movements at each assisted AIS session (if you’ve had time to practice what I taught you previously)
and I review the homework regularly so we can build an effect self-care program based on your personal goals + what I see is needed to balance one’s structure (and improve one’s game).
Are your sessions one-on-one?
Usually my sessions are one-on-one.
If you have a self-care partner (workout buddy or life partner) who has similar needs & goals, we can double you up.
 I teach a whole teams (and groups in special situations) but they won’t fit in my office.
I also teach seminars & presentations for professional education (CE credits for pft’s & massage therapists). Please see my Events page.
What should I expect in a session?
In a personal session, expect to improve flexibility, joint range of motion, tissue texture, ease in posture, and feel good!   (And to learn some self-care.)
What do I wear?
Please bring or wear comfortable workout clothing.
What makes an exercise “good”? 
For every exercise you do, you should be able to answer the Questions:  What is the purpose of this exercise?  What are the possible side effects?  FUN is a legitimate answer – if it is not hurting you 🙂
Every Mattes eXercise has a specific purpose, and we can choose the right ones for YOU to help you achieve your goals.  AIS is real science.  AIS optimizes how bodies work.
Please also see: About Diane, About AIS, Mattes recommendation & testimonials  (pages on this site)
         ~ diane@StretchingbytheBay.com ~

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