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Keep your range of motion open to help prevent joint disease, pain and posture issues, and improve athletic performance.

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Gift health to your employees! I’ve designed a suite of stretches and exercises to address the typical issues of people who work at a desk.

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Bodies are meant to move freely and joyfully. Reduced range of motion often equals pain. By restoring functional range of motion and strength, I enhance athletic excellence and promote healing. I believe in our ability to heal, because I’ve assisted with many “miraculous” shifts.

20 Years of Experience with AIS + S

For over two decades, I have specialized in Active Isolated Stretching and Strengthening, (AIS + S), The Mattes Method. Light years beyond static stretching, AIS is a myofascial release technique used by many Olympic, professional and recreational athletes, as well as people like you and me who want to feel better, stronger, and free of aches and pains.



"I have had massages & bodywork all over the world; Diane's treatments are the most effective I've ever experienced."

Michael Sherer

"I highly endorse Diane for the rapid results you desire."

Aaron Mattes, MS. R.K.T., L.M.T.

Creator of Active Isolated Stretching & Strengthening.

"Diane Waye is by far the best sport therapist I have ever been to."

Brent L.

Competitive runner

"After one session with Diane, I could move my shoulder without pain for the first time in decades."

Dr. Schillinger

"Diane has really made a difference in my life. I feel healthier. I feel stronger. I am limber and more flexible."

Herbert J.

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Stretching for performance


Active Isolated Stretching and Strengthening (AIS + S):

  • Creates significant improvements in athletic performance.
  • Protects against injuries by restoring function throughout your optimal range of motion and improving tissue texture.
  • Reverses chronic pain. Sciatica and frozen joints are often relieved permanently with AIS + S.
  • Increases energy flow.

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Stretching for performance

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Stretching for performance

Satisfy continuing education requirements and learn a powerful tool to alleviate pain and facilitate movement for your clients.

Stretching for performance

Learn how to leave behind bad habits that cause you pain and learn new mindful movements that will help you feel more comfortable in your body.

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I want to hear from you! Contact me to reserve a session, or to find out more about my services or AIS. You can also email me directly at diane@stretchingbythebay.com


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