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Ergo & Posture Consultation

Moving mindfully & good posture are important keys to being comfortable in your body. Posture is a gift you give yourself.

A while back I solved neck issues for a nurse long-beleaguered by pain. She’d been to various doctors and a multitude of practitioners looking for help. It took me a few hours but I freed her from the tangled chain of dysfunction and compensation that had caused her problems in the first place. She was out of pain for the 1st time in 7 years! But then she pulled out her cell phone and held it in a position I knew would soon reverse our wonderful results.

The best bodywork and physical therapy can dissipate quickly due to bad posture, movements, and ergonomics!

You may not need new furniture. You may benefit more from mindful awareness and cultivating new habits. In recent years many people have come in saying, “I got a standing desk – so why does my back still hurt?” Me, “Um, not to be rude but because of how you stand for starters…” I find that many people are standing in a way that stresses their structure. Ditto sitting, sleeping, lifting, reaching, even walking – you name it. If it is something you do, it is affecting your comfort and possibly even your health! This is why I’ve created programs to help you navigate these aspects of life; Programs for mindful posture and movements, and for creatively interacting with your environment!

In a consultation with me, you will learn how to respect the reality of your body and tweak your environment well, so you avoid or alleviate the aches and pains that your every day posture is causing you. The consultation can include reviewing your work set-up to make sure it allows you to get through your day pain-free.

Good health is in your hands!

Contact me to discuss your needs and reserve your session!
Diane Waye has been an AIS therapist since 1997. Her experience includes numerous sports injuries, pediatric and geriatric problems, orthopedic and neurological problems. She has thousands of hours of experience training and rehabilitating serious athletes. Diane’s ability to create maximum flexibility and strength for weak, trauma affected and imbalanced joints due to injury, surgery, muscle disease, over-training or age factor is unparalleled in results.

Aaron Mattes, MS. R.K.T., L.M.T.

Creator of Active Isolated Stretching &Strengthening.


Contact me to discuss your goals and get information about my fees and payment options. If you prefer, you can email me directly at diane@stretchingbythebay.com.