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Learning AIS with Diane Waye has totally changed for the better the manner in which I do flexibility and stretching work with myself and my clinical massage clients. As a massage therapist and Deep Tissue Massage instructor for over 20 years, I am very impressed with Diane’s depth of knowledge and ability to teach this work for enhancing athletic ability, clinical pain relief and return to function.

Michael Drew, CMT

On-demand Courses

Corporate Retreats

Most people who work suffer aches and pains from too many hours in non-optimal postures at a non-optimal set-up, from repetitive motions like mousing and typing, and not getting enough movement. Invite me to your next corporate retreat for a 4-or 8-hour session to increase your employees’ wellness.

Contact me at diane@stretchingbythebay.com to find out about my fees and availability for corporate retreats experience or for a speaking engagement.

In this session…

  • I will introduce The Mattes Method and explain the benefits of Active Isolated Stretching and Strengthening
  • We will do a 1- or more hours session of active stretching and strengthening, so your team can learn self-care to be performed daily at home.
  • I will teach a program of stretches specifically designed for the typical issues of people who work at a desk, including 5-minute breaks at your desk, and 10 minutes routines appropriate for an office environment (can be done sitting or standing by your desk).
  • I will teach good posture when sitting and standing and mindful movements in an office environment, including how to sit, how to get up, how to reach down and up (for file cabinets, shelves, etc.), how to go up and down the stairs, how to walk.
  • I will review 1-3 working stations to illustrate ergonomic issues that can cause pain.
  • We will end with a Q&A session where your employees can share their individual concerns or questions about their pains and aches, their home set-ups or any other body-related topic. The answers to each question are likely to benefit all.
  • In 8-hour retreats, I will have individual 15-minute consultations or hands-on treatment with up to 16 participants to discuss their biggest issues and propose solutions. (More hours available upon request).

4-Day Seminar of AIS

AIS: the Mattes Method of Stretching and Strengthening

Immerse yourself in the practice of powerful tool to facilitate optimal movement patterns and alleviate pain for your patients/clients. Review safe and effective ergonomics, and learn AIS self-care, while earning continuing education credits for your license.

While non-professionals with a working knowledge of anatomy are welcome, this workshop is designed primarily for bodyworkers, physical therapists, OTs, athletic trainers, chiropractors, nurses, and other health professionals who want to expand their ways of working with their clients and patients by learning this state-of-the-art flexibility paradigm. Bodyworkers and health professionals will recognize the scientific principles that make it so effective. Neuromuscular and neurological reprogramming and myofascial release are intrinsic to The Mattes Method. 

Next seminar page is always available from the home page. You can also subscribe to my newsletter to find out everytime I offer a seminar, or contact me to inquire directly about upcoming dates at diane@stretchingbythebay.com

Participants practice these stretches with each other on massage tables. There is no nudity necessary for this work. We “go deep” with this technique by engaging muscle activation. There are many specific stretches in AIS, and each of them scientifically addresses one of the actions of a muscle in relation to the joint it affects.

Mindful movement on the part of the practitioner is rehearsed.

Live local seminars usually run from 9:00 am-6:00 pm.

Read more about the AIS National Certification requirements.

Enrollment is limited to preserve the quality of the learning environment.


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