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Personal Sessions with Diane

One-on-one, partner and team sessions available!

Learn to stretch effectively (yet in a painless & scientific way).

You can only Be Strong in a Range of Motion You Have.

Would you like to move better, stand taller, sustain fewer injuries, and feel amazing? Private sessions with me will get you there. 

The Mattes Method of Active Isolated Stretching & Strengthening (AIS+S) is the main tool I use to help you achieve your goals regarding biomechanical function. I also have decades of various fitness and healing modalities upon which to draw, from digestion to energy work. I will use the best tool for the job, providing you a treatment tailored specifically for your needs.


During a One-on-One Session, we often start by opening your range of motion (ROM). From there we build strength throughout your ROM to turbocharge your performance, improve your posture and/or decrease your pain. Although every session is tailored to each client’s needs, common issue areas include low back, neck and knees. And typical tight tissues include hip flexors, quads and shoulders. After our session, you will notice significant improvement on all your pain points. You will also learn how to move mindfully and a program of exercises you can do for self-care. If you do your homework, you may even amplify your improvements on your own!


Remember “friends fly free”? During a Partner Session, with  2 people splitting the cost, your share of the price is half as much. Other reasons to choose Partner Sessions include training together to reach goals & healthy shared activities with your romantic partner, family member, or housematesStretch together, learn to safely stretch each other, or some of both!


Improve performance, prevent injuries, boost morale, and come together to feel great! You can only be strong in a range of motion you have. Optimize access to individual & team potential with AIS group sessions. I have experience assisting professional athletes, chool & recreational teams, and Olympians in 6 different sports to maximize their potential.


Active Isolated Stretching and Strengthening (AIS + S):

  • Creates significant improvements in athletic performance through expanded range of motion.
  • Protects against injuries by improving tissue texture.
  • Reverses chronic pain. Sciatica and frozen joints are often relieved permanently with AIS + S.
  • Increases energy flow.

Your Instructor: Diane Waye

Over 42,000 hours of clinical experience

Including over 3,000 hours working directly with Aaron Mattes, the creator of Active Isolated Stretching & Strengthening.

Three decades as a fitness professional

Including 10 years teaching group fitness classes.


I am renowned as a West Coast Teacher of AIS for professional education and certification. I provide Continuing Education for Mattes, American Council on Exercise (ACE), The National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB), and for California Chiropractors.

Find out more about Diane in StretchingByTheBay.com

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Contact me to discuss your goals and get information about my fees and payment options. If you prefer, you can email me directly at diane@stretchingbythebay.com.