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Fitbit Blog, November 2019.

Fitbit “Stretching while Flying” blog

…moving with ease and confidence…  “Drinking extra water and incorporating gentle Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) movements will help your circulation and joints,” says Diane Waye, AIS Specialist and owner of Stretching By The Bay. “Even a few minutes of AIS intermittently will help. You will feel better while flying, and when you arrive.” Pro tip: While you’re up, take a few extra laps up as long as the seat belt sign is off.  “The simple act of using y0ur glutes to extend your trailing leg follow through helps keep your psoas, iliacus, and sartorius open,” says Waye.

Elemental, July 2019.

Feature by Zara Stone in Elemental:  “Waye is a veteran stretcher- she opened her San Francisco studio, Stretching by the Bay, [22] years ago.”

Health Club Management, Summer 2018.

Stretching by the Bay is featured & quoted by Kathryn Hudson in Health Club Management

“Recreational athletes come to improve performance” – Diane Waye (p. 43)

“Stretching every day is as important for self-care as sleeping, eating, flossing and bathing,”

Outside Magazine, March 2018.

A Bit of a Stretch by Chris Colin in Outside Magazine, March 2018 (p. 34) w/ Wonder Woman pic.

“…with the added benefit of professional assessment and guidance…

It’s often injury that brings new clients through my door… then they realize that stretching is a preventative practice!  Make a habit of it and you save your knees and shoulders.  Do AIS and you get ELASTICITY that you thought only young people have!”  

Pliability, elasticity, and resiliency of tissue are some of the special qualities you get (along w/ range of motion & function) doing AIS (Active Isolated Stretching).

Spa Business, 2018.

“AIS is also helpful for people with many neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s, stroke, MS, and other challenges such as functional leg length difference, kyphosis, and scoliosis”

The New York Times, February 2017.

“Stretching is especially important in our modern world….”*  begins my quote in The New York Times (Feb 2017) article by Joanne Kaufman. (Feb 1, 2017)

Keep in mind that “Full movements” makes sense only if you actually understand AIS and embrace the new paradigm of science-based flexibility training….or if you’ve ever watched a centenarian reaching to pick fruit from a tree!  

“Stretching is especially important in our modern world because we don’t have as many full movements integrated into most of our lives anymore,” said Diane Waye, the owner of Stretching by the Bay, a studio in San Francisco. “We need to keep our range of motion open to help prevent joint disease, pain and posture issues, and to improve athletic performance.”

Vogue Magazine, August 2016.

Stretching by the Bay is listed in Vogue Magazine as one of the Best Places to Stretch!

Peak Running Performance, May 2010.

Feature by me & 2009-10 intern: Active Isolated Stretching for Runners