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Sessions available live (hands-on) or via Zoom. Contact me to reserve a session and find out about my fees.

``I highly endorse Diane Waye for the rapid results you desire.”

Aaron L. Mattes MS. RKT. LMT

One-on-One Sessions

Pain relief, rehabilitation, and performance optimization are greatly facilitated by having a good range of motion (ROM), so this is where I start: I use AIS to restore your ROM. From there we build strength throughout your ROM to turbocharge your performance, improve your posture and/or decrease your pain.You will also learn mindful movements and a program of exercises you can do at home by yourself to maintain your improvements.

I will use the best tool for the job, the Mattes Method of Active Isolated Stretching & Strengthening (AIS+S), providing you a treatment tailored specifically for your needs.

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Partner Sessions

Private sessions for you and your partner, so you can both get to wellness together, at a lower individual rate. 

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Team Sessions

Private sessions for groups or teams, at a lower individual rate.

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Continuing Education Seminars

I teach Professional Education Seminars for continuing education credit as well as workshops for people interested in taking care of their own health. Please check my Events page to see my current or upcoming classes and seminars.

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Ergo & Posture Consultation

Posture is a gift you give yourself, I can help you get rid of pain related to bad posture and movement habits. Many people are standing in a way that stresses their structure, you could be one of them!

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Corporate Retreats

Increase your employees’ wellness in the office. People who work suffer aches and pains from too many hours in non-optimal postures at a non-optimal set-up, and not getting enough movement. I offer corporate retreats to increase your employees’ wellness.

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FREE Self-care series in YouTube

Don’t miss my free video series in YouTube to help you take care of yourself, from good posture, to effective stretching that follows The Mattes Method. I update my channel with new videos regularly. You can also subscribe to my newsletter to never miss a new video!

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Stretching for performance

Online Courses

I have different online programs during short periods of time. You can currently sign up for my program 'Bounce Back from Back Pain'.

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