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Here's what my clients say about me

Endorsed by Aaron L. Mattes MS. RKT. LMT

Diane Waye is a Master teacher of Active Isolated Stretching (AIS): The Mattes Method.

Diane has decades of participating in my AIS seminars and serving as my teaching assistant.  She has years of leading AIS clinics and teaching AIS seminars for professional education.

It is without hesitation that I recommend Ms. Diane Waye as an Advanced Instructor of Active Isolated Stretching: The Mattes Method.


Aaron L. Mattes MS. RKT. LMT
Continuous Education

Professional Education

“As a licensed neuromuscular therapist and professional ballet dancer, Diane has greatly impacted my life through her teachings of AIS. I would recommend to anyone looking to take care of their body, and or learn how to better take care of others to experience the beauty of Diane and AIS. I feel empowered by her recent four-day seminar for licensed professionals to take these tools and integrate them into my own practice.”

Matthew D.

“I have had the pleasure of learning from Diane while being her colleague over the past several years. She is extremely passionate and there are few in the fitness industry with her knowledge of stretching and flexibility. Diane works closely with Aaron Mattes, creator of Active Isolated Stretching and Strengthening (AIS), and is one of his top teachers for certification in AIS. I highly recommend her seminars! Diane really takes the time in her classes to ensure every student gains comprehensive understanding and eventually mastery of the material created by Aaron Mattes.”

Alok “Luke” S., Executive Recruiter.



“I really enjoyed the class you taught! After your class, I felt great for days, actually weeks. And I believe my posture has improved. You’re the best!”

Lynn, of Beaver Brothers.


Diane exceeded our expectations. She kept our team energized with high-energy interval bursts during our intensive 2-day in-house training – and she taught us useful life skill movement and posture principles.

Diane is quite professional in demeanor, yet she instigated a lot of laughter and bonding within our team. She even dedicated a theme song to our company that now we play anytime we want to reactivate that upbeat energy she infused our gathering with- I can’t wait to bring her in again!

Cory Hogan, Chief Revenue Officer @ Lob.

Diane’s contribution went way beyond performing the services we hired her for!  We asked for energizing movement segments + meditations for focus, but she also came to us with a lot of recommendations based on the work our team does. She suggested adding voice relaxation exercises which was very thoughtful.
Diane had the whole team of 50+ folks practice fun fast ways to instantly shake off stress so that we could stay focused during our sales training. Diane’s ergonomic, mindful movement, and postural information will serve us well – and she provided us with a page of takeaway notes to jog our memories 😉
She activated laughter and team bonding with her segments at our on-site gathering that was just what we needed.
I enjoyed working with Diane on this project because she was highly communicative, bringing FUN and originality to our event.

Sarah Alexander, Director of Revenue Enablement @ Lob.

Zoom Sessions

“I’ve been working with Diane for more than six months to help realize two goals: 1) to be able to run even with an old ACL injury, without pain or further injury; and 2) to improve my posture and relax my extremely rigid muscles. More than pain relief, I wanted to learn and empower myself to manage my own body for the long run. In Diane, I have found an incredibly knowledgeable and devoted teacher. Because of the shelter-in-place, I’ve been doing virtual sessions with Diane, and that’s continued to be helpful for me. She’s good at assessing your form through the video and it’s easy to follow her instructions through the video to perform the stretch on your own.”

Evelyn Yung, software engineer.

Athletic Performance

“Diane Waye is by far the best sport therapist I have ever been to! I was going to massage centers to get deep tissue massages on my legs. That worked only for a little while; a lot of my running injuries resurfaced within a couple of weeks (I run competitively). Diane has been teaching me the art of Active Isolated Stretching, and it has been working phenomenally for me. In my first visit, she eliminated my IT band injury. On my next visit, she fixed my runner’s knee. Not only are her teachings keeping me injury free, but they’ve made my workouts better. Bottom line is that Diane has been great! I recommend her to anyone who has muscle injuries in their feet or their legs.”

Brent L. competitive runner.

“I enjoy regular Active Isolated Stretching sessions with Diane Waye of Stretching by the Bay in San Francisco to help me perform optimally and avoid injury.”

Magdalena Lewy, 4th fastest US female marathoner, 2008 Beijing Olympic Marathoner.

The ride was easier and the recovery faster because I’d been Stretching by the Bay with Diane Waye.”

Antonia Cardone, Cyclist.

“After only three sessions with Diane Waye, my stride lengthened so my running speed increased by over a minute a mile and I feel less tired and sore after a race. In the San Francisco half marathon, I broke my PR by 11 minutes!”

John Windle

“For the first time ever, I was experiencing joint pain and sciatica. Also for the first time, I wanted to develop a body sculpting routine. Diane met both needs swiftly and provided me with exercises to keep my body happy, healthy and well-toned. Plus, she’s a delightful spirit to work with. Very enthusiastic, intuitive and impeccably trained. Make an appointment with Diane today! Your body will thank you.”

Queen Kelitta (of Carnival San Francisco, where she danced on a parade for 10 hours straight.)

Relief from pain

“Active Isolated Stretching and Strengthening is the most outstanding method I have experienced for helping the total body function correctly. I came to Diane Waye after suffering from a whiplash injury that caused me considerable pain. She helped with my body alignment and in releasing muscle spasms. I even was able to straighten my knees (which I had assumed were frozen)! I believe in this system wholeheartedly.”

JLL, Novato.

“I first met with Diane after a back spasm paralyzed me for several days and made me realize that my usual workout regimen had begun to do more harm than good. After my first session with Diane, I got significant relief and was amazed to notice that I walked taller and straighter. I immediately found myself raising my desk monitor to my new eye level and bringing my car seat several notches forward. We revised my training regime, and I was soon able to get my strength back. I found Diane to be highly knowledgeable regarding the complete human form, function and psyche, and very much appreciated how she actively thought through and cared about the individual concerns I presented her.”

Nick J.

“One moment of carelessness, over 30 years ago, left me with broken bones, traumatic arthritis, and living with pain. Just walking was a painful chore. My range of motion in the ankles was extremely limited. Then I had the good fortune of meeting Diane. Wow! She is caring and competent, very professional, and has mastered techniques I had never experienced before.  In just one session, which lasted nearly three hours, she broke down adhesions, improved my circulation, increased my range of motion, and had me walking normally, without pain! I’ve been to chiropractor, physical therapists and masseuses, but I’ve never had this kind of relief. And it lasts!”

Capt. Phil Graf

“I recently hired a stretching specialist, Diane Waye, to help me loosen up my chronic shoulder pain. After one session with Diane, I could move my shoulder without pain for the first time in more decades than I dare tell you. I decided to send other patients to her who had muscle and tendon problems that I could not entirely help with chiropractic, physical therapy and massage therapy. Every single one of those patients has had a fantastic response.”

Dr. Schillinger

Range of Motion

I’ve worked with Diane many times. Her sessions feel GOOD. She has trained me in gentle assisted stretching that is highly effective. She has helped me increase my range of motion in pretty much every major muscle group, including my tight hamstrings. Doing sessions with Diane has helped improve my yoga practice and my other fitness modalities, and has helped relieve various pains and tightness throughout my body. She’s really sweet and caring, too. I highly recommend her.”

Rosie Lila, Operations Executive.

“I have been seeing Diane since November 2011 on a regular basis for neck and shoulder stiffness due to heavy computer use. I have seen significant improvement in my mobility and flexibility. She provides guidance on exercises to do on my own, educates me about physiology, and is flexible by focusing on areas that need attention. The Mattes Method is not a passive approach to improving physical well-being. The sessions are work, but the results are great.”

Vickie Pilotti, prior senior program manager at Genentech.

Rehab and self-care

I was worried about repeatedly injuring my rolled ankle as someone who needs dance in my life to stay sane. Diane showed me how to strengthen it with exercises that beef up the surrounding muscle.

Tara Zhang, The Center SF.

I have been working with Diane since 2015 as part of my recovery from an ischemic stroke I had two years prior, at the age of 29.

While I have recovered to the point that most can’t tell anything had ever happened, Diane has continued to help me work on and improve the physical remnants that I still experience. Multiple doctors had told me recovery would plateau and essentially stop at the “5 year mark” after the stroke. But here I am going on 8 years after the event and I still see and feel improvements when working with Diane.

Diane has an incredible ability to just watch me walk and know what stretching and strengthening my body needs that day. She has also educated me and helped me with good practices for my overall health, not just in relation to the stroke.

This ability of hers has not waned despite the fact that we have to have our sessions virtually these days. She can still spot the most subtle of signs that enable her to guide me in the exercises and stretches my body needs without even being in the same room.

Not only is her knowledge of anatomy and physiology extensive, she genuinely cares about her clients and their well being. Whatever the source of your physical ailments, you will be in excellent hands. I honestly cannot recommend her enough.

Amanda Harmon, CDT. San Francisco, CA.

“AIS has been a great addition to my rehab for peroneal tendinitis. After being treated by Diane I felt instant relief and a more natural stride when running. Diane taught me how to do stretches on my own, allowing me to continue to maintain my optimal muscle length and continue to run pain free.”

Cossette Smith

You saved my career! Active Isolated Stretching has allowed me to rehabilitate my hands for many more years of magic healing touch. I will be using it with my massage clients, but it is the self-care aspect of AIS that will even make that possible.”

Tara Shorely, CMT.

If I had a choice between a 60-minute massage and 60 minutes with Diane, I’d go with Diane hands down. One of the huge benefits is that she teaches you what she is doing. She empowers you, so I don’t need Diane every time I stretch. My vocabulary has increased, so I can talk about problems more easily with trainers and doctors. Bottom line is that she’s developed a skill in me, so I am self-sufficient. Being limber and flexible has helped me in ways I couldn’t have imagined. I feel healthier. I feel stronger. In turn, those two help my confidence and self-esteem. In short, Diane has really made a difference in my life.”

Herbert J.


“Thank you so much for all you did for me today. I noticed an immediate change in my piano technique. There was a marked improvement in speed, agility, nuance and accuracy. I was doing things I had never been able to do before. And we’ve only just begun! I bow to your knowledge, wisdom and experience.”

Tim, Music Director and Pianist.

“Thank you so much Diane! I’m taking long walks like I did in my 30’s… You saved my hip, straightened my knee and my toes. My bone density has improved 3% in the past three months of working with you and doing my homework. My posture is better than ever. I’m actually taller!

Dori, 82 years young.

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